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Chasing Shadows

Two ex-cryptozoologists get pulled back in by an amazing new discovery.

Burned by a hoax that nearly ended his career in respectable science, Josh–a veterinarian and retired cryptozoologist–has been in hiding from the rest of the Bigfoot hunting community for years. Most of all, he’s been in hiding from Dorian, his ex-partner and ex-boyfriend. His life is boring, but at least it’s normal.

The big break Dorian’s been waiting for has finally happened–someone brought back a sasquatch body, and this is his opportunity to complete his life’s work. The only person he trusts to do the autopsy and validate the find isn’t speaking to him, but he’s sure Josh will do this one last favour for a man he once promised to spend his entire life with.

The second chance of a lifetime.

In the wake of the discovery of one body, Josh and Dorian take to the wilderness in the hopes of bringing in a live specimen, neither sure where they stand with the other after years of being out of contact. They were in love and happy once, but so much has gone wrong between them that’s it’s hard to know if they could even be friends now. Will they find more in the great outdoors than the fabled missing link? Or will this expedition prove to be the final nail in the coffin of both their careers and their relationship?

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(Representation: bisexuality, neuroatypicality)